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              DMany are unclear about what to expect from employees.

              The correct answers are: 98 C, 99 A

              Reading Part 2, Section 6 Correcting errors in a text (7 questions)

              You have a text with at least seven lines. Some lines have errors in them. You have to say which lines have errors and then correct them.


              ● Your secretary has given you this letter for checking.

              ● In some lines there is one wrong word.

              ● If there is a wrong word, write the correct word on your Answer Sheet.

              ● If there is no mistake, put a tick (.) on your Answer Sheet


              0 ü

              One of the items you ordered from our catalogue

              00 temporarily

              is temporary out of stock

              Dear Mr. Rose

              It was a pleasure to meet you the other day. I was very grateful

              104that you were able to find some times in your busy schedule to visit us.

              105I thought it should be helpful if I had put on paper some of the points we

              106agreed on at our meeting and indicated some with the action points.

              The correct answers are: 104 time, 105 would, 106 v.

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